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Good morning everyone

I am a new member - got a 2019 TLX Elite back in September 2021 - certified pre-owned with only 10k on the odometer.

I live in Toronto and as you all might now, the temperature is almost always below +4C between November and April (especially at 6AM when I leave to go to work).

So, the heated windshield, according to the manual on page 173 states - " This system consumes a lot of power, so turn it off when the window has been deiced. Also, do not use the system for a long period when the engine is idling. This may weaken the battery, making it difficult to start the engine. When the outside temperature is below 39°F (4°C), the heated windshield may automatically activate. The system deactivates itself once the outside temperature reaches 43°F (6°C). "

The fact that it turn on automatically pretty much every single day that I drive the car out of the garage is a major flaw - there is no need to have the system on when there is no frost at all - it just turned on automatically because the outside temperature is below +4C. I could not locate anywhere an option to have this automatic function turned off. I believe a software update could solve that issue. I want to turn the heated windshield on when I need it, which could be between 5 times during the entire winter in the event of freezing rain when the car is parked outside.

I just wonder if there is actually a software update that would fix this flaw.

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