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Hi everyone. I know this topic has been posted before, but I couldn't find my exact answer. I'm putting A-Spec wheels on my '15 TLX and I was going to buy the accessory black lug nuts and wheels locks. When looking it up online to purchase, it states it's only for 2017 and up TLXs. Does anyone know why?

That leads me to two other questions:
1. Will my original 2015 chrome lug nuts work with the 2019 A-Spec wheels?
2. Will the 2017+ black accessory lug nuts work with the 2019 A-Spec wheels on a 2015 TLX?

I'm not sure why these lug nuts are not for my car. I'm wondering if they're tapered versus round or vice versa. Just looking at my factory wheels versus the A-Spec wheels, they look like the same hole, which would be round I believe?

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