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I've always been a big fan of the j series engine and the potential they have. Decided to build a tlx and see how far I can push it . I went with the fwd model due lack of aftermarket support on the awd model . I've seen people push up to 330whp which is my goal

Day 1
Wheel Vehicle Tire Car Automotive tire

Had the k tuner ready before the purchase of the car

Sleeve Font Gadget Electronic device Logo

Takeda wrinkle black intake with throttle body spacer

Hood Automotive fuel system Motor vehicle Vehicle Personal luxury car

Unorthodox racing crank pulley
Yellow Recipe Cuisine Rim Circle

Rv6 jpipe
Drinkware Drink Font Gas Cylinder

Decided to do the pedal commander vs the sprint booster

Telephony Automotive lighting Communication Device Telephone Portable communications device

Very light cosmetic
Window Visors
Red out tail lights
And gloss wrap grill

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also stepped up the tires to firestone indy500 2355518

Any suggestions besides rv6 pcd or p2r intake runners
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

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Current set up for 2018 FWD
oiled takeda SRI
takeda spacer
2x p2r TB thermal gaskets
UR lightweight pulley in underdrive
rv6 J pipe
2x at2540i mufflers
tr225 resonator
ktuner v2 (no dyno tune yet)
DIY intake resonator delete (I think it does nothing lol)
P2R EGR delete
TB coolant bypass (again, probably does nothing)

hp/tq? idk.

RV6 PCD (Good luck finding these. Rv6 no longer makes them and only 2 vendors sell them. Jotech performance and Jspec performance. with Jotech, I've had a REALLY bad experience with them so good luck. As for Jspec, they cannot ship to the U.S.)

RV6 HFPC (These are on the way as we speak. Cannot wait to install them).

PnP work done by HalferLand Performance (I've been watching these guys for awhile and I can say their work is outstanding).

Head work done by P2R.

Thermal gaskets lol

There is a guy on acurazine with a similar set up and he pushed 293whp and 308whp

Imo, you need DEEP pockets to make the TLX push 330hp. I love my car as much as you do, but the extra PnP work is insane. If the TLX could speak, it would say "310 whp. Take it or Leave it".

Anyways, good luck. You can find me here.
I appreciate the suggestion. Yeah I've probably seen your YouTube videos 100 times lol. That exhaust set up is aggressive. Yeah sadly no one makes pcd anymore and only high flows are available. And yeah mostly likely all the cnc/pnp work will be done with p2r. Next mod will be the high flow cats forsure. And please update when u get yours . I've heard u can run the stage 2 map from ktuner even tho they aren't pcd
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