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2015 Acura TLX Parasitic Battery Drain

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For the last year and a half my 2015 acura tlx has had issues. The last time I had electronic issues in 2018 I replaced the battery - all was well until beginning of 2022. Then auto headlights started blinking when I started the car, sometimes seat would not auto adjust, and sometimes lose my temperature settings. This went on for months then when it got really cold the car would not start - so I replaced battery. For about a month all was well, then it all started happening again - then a week or so later dead battery. Charge it and all is well for a week. So I took it to acura dealer. First time in they found the light sensor was bad. Ordered part and thought they had it fixed. Nope - 1 week later battery was dead again. So took it back for a second visit. They had it four days - found a lose connection on the lights, reseated that and blamed the drain on the battery from lubrication between the two terminals. I did explain that the batter was only a couple months old and it does not explain before the newest battery. So after reseating the connection the lights did not blink on and off since last monday - but get up today and had to charge the battery. Seems like it drains the battery just enought to keep it from starting - but it has enough juice to retain all my settings.

So bottom line on what they see - is a constant pulse hitting the battery every 10 seconds or so. I have never driven very much - the car only has like 56k miles. So it has only been the last year and a half that I really saw the issue. I was searching this forum and saw that the HFL(Hands Free Link), or bluetooth, can cause the problem - seems to be one of the main reasons, but maybe their are others. Before I picked the car up they said they went thru plugging and unplugging all the components and continued to see the drain. Cleaned the terminals and supposedly the drain when away. Now I wonder if they actually unplugged the module. I was wondering if the drain could be sporadic by the HFL module? I know that I have not had any issues with blue tooth, but only use it with my new apple phone right now. I know it will connect to my phone from my detached garage when I start the car - only when i get down the driveway to the street when it disconnects that I know I left my phone in the house. Got to confirm this is the issue first.

Going in Thursday to get them to disconnect it (they will do that for free) to see if it fixes the problem. If it is will get a quote to fix it - but from what I read the part is expensive for a 2015 acura. Anybody know if the replacement parts are any better? Assuming this is the issue.
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Having a similar vehicle, I can suggest:
Have you replaced your TPS sensors on each wheel? Your computer is constantly looking for a signal. I'm sure that by now if you have not replaced them, they are certainly weak.

Beyond that, you have to go the old fashion route by start pulling fuses until you find the circuit that is draining the battery.

Just sticking my 2 cents in. Let us know what happens.
Replaced those Jan 2022 with new tires. Easy to remember since the problems started before that. While I was in their getting the new tires I was describing the problem and asked them to check the alternator and battery. They could not find anything wrong. Then later in the year had another shop check things out - they found no issues either.

Now I was thinking when Acura dealer had it for 4 days that is what they were doing. Or so I was told that was what the technician was working thru. At least those 4 days of checking did not cost me anything. I will get it disconnected tomorrow and will update in about a week. It seems it takes about 7.5 days for the battery to drain.
Well they unplugged it and said they no longer see the drain. But sorry, we will never know for sure. They had a new 2023 TLX in my price range so I bought it - last year they would not even discuss them since they were short of cars, were willing to put me on a wait list. Oh well - good or bad I have a new TLX. This power drain was the only major issue since 2015 - other than oil changes and new tires not 1 issue.
Congrats on your new TLX, what are your impressions with the 2023 and comparison with the 2015.
So far - and I have only driven it about for 1 hour - the 2023 handles better and way more power than the 2015. So far with the new rims and tires - type S - I almost think the ride over our rough ky roads was better in the 2015, but it is way better than the accord I drive to chauffer my father around in. But that also could be just the new car feel. I had 3.5 in old tlx, but this 3.5 turbo is SO much better. So still getting a feel for it, but my brother (has a 2 month old TLX) told me I would like the engine and acceleration so much better in the new one. And he is right - no more slight hesitation at take off time from a red light. So over all so far it is great.
Thanks, good to know when or if I decide to make the change, I have always gone used since 1997. The S would be out of my price range as I am semi retired. I would be looking at an aspec or tech. Right now I have the 2015 advance.
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