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  1. Accessories & Modifications
    Hey everyone, I've had my TLC for quite some time. What are some suggestions for exhaust for this engine size? Is it even possible to have boltons for this model? I understand that the 3.5 L engine has more options. Thanks in advance.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, all of us here at MAPerformance are excited to share that we recently acquired a TLX Type-S as an R&D vehicle. We're looking forward to joining the community and seeing how we can support all of you! You might be saying, who is MAPerformance? Well we're glad you asked! Our full...
  3. Accessories & Modifications
    This here is a formal write up of how, where, and what is needed in order to give your '15-'17 TLX (or '18-'20 I4 TLX) the "Brazilian Butt Lift" and get that exposed exhaust look that you want. 🔥 Go from this To this I - Parts Needed Here I will list parts and their corresponding part...
  4. 2021 + Acura TLX Forum
    For anyone looking for more check this guy out. So far they've done a BC coilover drop-in, some body modifications, RV6-P downpipe, and wheels. The downpipe is available for purchase but the coilovers aren't listed with BC yet, I believe...
1-4 of 4 Results