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  1. TLX Parts
    I have a set of new oem side spoilers in modern steel metallic. These were removed when the car was brand new. Let me know if you have any questions. Asking $150. Local pickup in the San Francisco area. Thanks
  2. 2021 + Acura TLX Forum
    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone that has the oem side spoilers on there 2021 tlx can measure them and let me know the measurements at the front and back? I heard they are lower than stock and wanted to know exactly how much lower they will be. Thanks in advance
  3. Appearance and Body
    Hi guys, is there any place i can get some side underbody spoilers (side skirts) for my base 2018 TLX V6 SH-AWD. I also live in Canada and it seems like my only option is by going through the dealer which is so expensive 😭 Thanks
  4. Acura TLX General Discussion Forum
    Hey everyone, So I looked through our forum here and didn't find any answers. Does anyone feel the A-Spec needs mudguards? Or what are your opinions on that topic? If anything, are there any Oem parts?? Thanks in advance everyone! Will
1-4 of 4 Results