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    Hello, I just got a 2021 TLX SH-AWD Advance, and was wondering if anyone can guide me in the direction of putting the black A-Spec spoiler and the black front grill surrounds. Tried looking through couple of pages on google search, but could not find any options for the 2021 models. Thank you...
  2. 2021 + Acura TLX Forum
    If you live in NorCal and have tlx aspec, tech or base model and want to run the tlx type s front brembo kit! Lmk we can make it happen!
  3. 2021 + Acura TLX Forum
    Hello everyone, I’m not sure if anyone notice the total gas range and oil life on your car. My 21 TlX Aspec seem a little bit odd with full fuel gas tank shows 207 mi (normal drive with no speeding) and the oil life is at 60% even though the vehicle is at 1829 miles. Is this normal? Does your...
1-4 of 4 Results