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    Hey there, wondering if anyone else has been able to program the home link. I have followed all directions, reset the home link buttons, reset my garage door opener. Got it working. But could not get it working on my other garage opener. So reset to start from fresh and now cannot get it working...
  2. 2021 Acura TLX - 2.0L Turbo - Gray

    Received my fourth TLX on April 14th, 2021. Every time I trade-in the old model, I feel sad about letting a great car go to someone else. Receiving a new car is still a great sensation. The 2021 is definitely different from previous models of the TLX. I am sure I will grow more fond of it...
  3. 2021 + Acura TLX Forum
    For anyone looking for more check this guy out. So far they've done a BC coilover drop-in, some body modifications, RV6-P downpipe, and wheels. The downpipe is available for purchase but the coilovers aren't listed with BC yet, I believe...
1-3 of 3 Results