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  1. 2016 TLX Tech Advance AWD Steering Wheel Controls Not Working

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Looking at the Owner's manual, in the Fuse section, I do not see a listing for the steering wheel controls. There are some entries that I cannot discern their purpose, so it may be a fuse (but I doubt it). If it just started NOT working, think back to what could have happened that caused this issue.
  2. New model growing pains: Broken plastic trim around driver's seat cushion

    @Crashmaster , I have the same vehicle (as you) and probably the same mileage (61k miles). I have not seen any indication of this defect. There is about 210# going in and out of the seat daily! The seat position is quite high as I like my legs not stretched out (more upright in the seat). I'll...
  3. What sensor is this?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Have you had any strange engine issues with the current damaged sensor?
  4. 2016 TLX Tech Advance AWD Steering Wheel Controls Not Working

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Sounds like a loose wire somewhere. You'll have to take out some of the trim pieces to get to the harnesses behind the steering wheel. Press all the connectors together. Good luck, and welcome to the forum.
  5. Front Lip Of Hood

    Appearance and Body
    I have not tried "hood lips" since I owned a pickup. Does it exist for the TLX?
  6. Gracenote Update

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Gracenote Update page does not exist "Page Not Found" Anyone else have a site for the update?
  7. Moisture in back up camera

    TLX Issues/Problems
    Great: green grass here you come!! Oh wait it snowed today!!☃❄
  8. Moisture in back up camera

    TLX Issues/Problems
    Must support all three views: YES or NO?
  9. What sensor is this?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Those mice find anything to eat. Welcome to the forum. Zoom out a little to let us see the bigger view. Engine: 6 or 4?
  10. upgrading navigation radio for acura tlx 2017

    Acura TLX General Discussion Forum
    If you proceed, let us know the outcome. Document as much as you can and share it with the forum. Good luck!
  11. 2015 TLX stalling in traffic

    I cannot offer an answer. That would be a great question to ask the service manager next time you take your car in for service.
  12. Removing Deodorant Stain from Interior Door Panel

    TIP: try on another door or Trunk trim part that is similar to the plastic from that part you need to clean. Then you do not risk damaging the "good" part. How about Windex!? How about a laundry detergent? That's made to handle those kind of stains!
  13. Audio Source HDD - Adding/Editing the artist's name to a loaded CD-ROM

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Welcome to the forum. Is this a CDROM you burned of MP3's? I tried once to import a self created CDROM of music. Not much success. Editing was difficult and sound levels were not consistent. With a commercial CD that did not get recognized by Gracenote, I had to wait for an update or two from...
  14. Happy with their tlx?

    Acura TLX General Discussion Forum
    You explained it exactly like I learned it. You get used to this car and tranny! I do enjoy my TLX.
  15. Braking causes steering wheel to shake and the vehicle starts pulsating.

    TLX Warranty and Service Issues
    As you suspect: (1) sounds like a warped rotor. (2) could be the transmission downshifting irregularly. Either one, since you are still under warranty, I would have Acura look at each issue. Let them either cover it under warranty or tell you what the problem is. Let us know what you find out.
  16. 2015 TLX: text message reply not working

    Acura TLX General Discussion Forum
    iOS or Android? Must be Android, as this feature does not work for iOS. Make sure after you delete/add your phone, you also enable that feature in the phone (if needed). Sometimes after a phone upgrade, these features get turned off or are relocated elsewhere.
  17. Playlists

    Acura TLX Brochures & Ownership Literature
    A simple Google search for Acura Navigation Guide got me to this page (for my 2015 TLX): Pick your year and Model and you will see all the manuals you need for your vehicles.
  18. Playlists

    Acura TLX Brochures & Ownership Literature
    I found it in the Navigation Guide, Creating a new Playlist. I must admit that it was very clumsy and I have not attempted to edit/create one since I tried years ago! Let us know how it goes for you.
  19. New Navigation Icons

    Community Help
    Use the new "NEW" button. Use the Filters drop down. Select your preferred options to filter the results. Select "Filter" Like what you see!? (you'll see the Filter drop down with the number of options you selected with in parentheses i.e. Filters (1)). Make more Filter changes as needed. Now...
  20. Stock subwoofer not working?? Help

    Accessories & Modifications
    Glad you got it working and let us know! Can your neighbors hear it now!
1-20 of 179 Results