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  1. ACC OFF - not working

    That's a really good question! Wish I knew the answer - if I had to guess, I'd say the lights do come on.
  2. 2019 TLX new owner maintenance question

    Acura TLX General Discussion Forum
    That was exhausting Crashmaster! ;)
  3. upgrading navigation radio for acura tlx 2017

    Acura TLX General Discussion Forum
    Welcome to the forum! I'm not sure that's possible especially with the way the upper and lower displays are integrated. I'd consult the dealer. If it is possible and you do it, post your story on the forum, I'm sure others would be interested.
  4. Removing Deodorant Stain from Interior Door Panel

    I'm surprised deodorant would leave a permanent discoloration. The only thing I can think of is to show it to your Acura dealer and ask them if they have any interior cleaning/restoration products that they would recommend and sell in the Parts/Service department. The textured door panel and...
  5. Not sure what I should use...

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    First of all welcome to the forum! I personally like the ELS sound system and thus, am not considering any mods or upgrades. There are a couple of discussion threads that provide info on what others have done to their audio system. You'll have to hunt a bit but here's a couple that I would...
  6. Buying a TLX is a bad decision...

    Acura TLX General Discussion Forum
    I kind of like that the TLX is a hidden gem. So many Accords and Camrys on the road! The scarcity of the TLX makes me feel it's more special than run of the mill!
  7. Buying a TLX is a bad decision...

    Acura TLX General Discussion Forum
    Welcome to the forum! Your discussion topic title grabbed my attention as well it will others. Nice synopsis and I couldn't agree with you more!
  8. Cheapest Way to paint scratches

    Acura TLX General Discussion Forum
    It took a long time. I actually gave up and then one day a sales manager at the dealership called me up to ask me about my satisfaction with their dealership and I told him my saga. He asked me to give them one more chance to make it right. Oddly enough, fast forward to 20 years later and the...
  9. Just bought a 2015 TLX. Any advice?

    Acura TLX General Discussion Forum
    Welcome to the forum! I'm in Chandler, AZ and have the four cylinder tech model. My own experience with a mix of city and highway driving is that I really don't see a difference in gas mileage between Economy and Sport modes. I hardly drive in either of the other two modes (Normal and Sport+).
  10. New Navigation Icons

    Community Help
    Yep - just noticed this today. Don't think it makes navigating any easier but I'm okay either way with the go forward solution.
  11. Cheapest Way to paint scratches

    Acura TLX General Discussion Forum
    I know exactly how you guys feel! Had a 1997 Nissan Maxima that the dealer backed into a brick wall after doing an oil change. They painted the bumper twice but couldn't get the color match 100%. Every time I walked up to my car my eyes zeroed in on the bumper and it bothered me. Dealer...
  12. New 2015 SH-AWD Tech package. 2nd Acura

    TLX Owners Registry And Check In Area
    Welcome to the forum! Share some more pics as you complete your "to do" list.
  13. Updated Navigation on 2018 TLX

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Have you noticed any improvements, additions?
  14. New to the site

    Acura TLX Pictures
    Welcome to the forum!
  15. ASpec Loaner

    Acura TLX Reviews
    If I recall correctly they reduced the MPG ratings across the board for the 2018 and newer generation models.
  16. TLX vs BMW and Mercedes

    Acura TLX Versus the Competition
    I've often referred to Acura as "The Bargain Luxury Brand"
  17. New to TLX. Can someone please help!

    TLX Issues/Problems
    So here's a dumb question - if it's under still under the original factory warranty could you go to an Acura dealer and have it serviced for free? Or does the fact that it's now under a second ownership and bought from a non-Acura dealership void it?
  18. ASpec Loaner

    Acura TLX Reviews
    Actually I've never brought this up but yes - that's one of the things that I first noticed with my 2018. At highway speeds I can definitely see the hood vibrating as if the intake of air below the hood is trying to lift the hood up. It bothers me a bit but after two years now, I'm used to it...
  19. Moisture in back up camera

    TLX Issues/Problems
    There seems to be no difference between the camera I had in my 2015 and the 2018 model that I own now - so I'm wondering if they would have changed anything between 2018 and 2019?????
  20. New Owner first Acura

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome to the forum and the Honda/Acura family! Good luck with your purchase and you'll find lots of information here.
1-20 of 191 Results