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  1. Acura maps on sale for $99- worth upgrading a 2015TLX with very old maps?

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Chiming in here - from some post a while back - relying on auto companies to give up-to-date NAV stuff isn't my favourite option. As mentioned above, Google Maps and Apple do it better, for free. Now, an option for 2015 TLX to Apple CarPlay would be something I might pay for!
  2. OEM Aero Kit tape upgrade?

    Appearance and Body
    Spoiler only here, and its still rock solid. Dealer installed, touchless (or hand was 2 bucket method on a nice day) only. I am wondering if the plastic plugs/rivets/holders are the issue. i would count on them for major force, the tape is to prevent slippage etc?
  3. Anyone update to iOS 11? Bluetooth problems

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    one by one on an iPhone it seems. On my iPad, I can scroll and see which ones have photos so its faster - but still one by one deletion. Using iPhone 5S and latest IOS, deleting photos solved the contact issue (for now) A question: if a photo kills this simple functionality, why would I trust a...
  4. Padding down, motor speeds up instead of break

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    I was driving in snow today; in any other car a downshift would provide braking. 2 gear drops doesnt do it in the ZF 9. Its just not a great transmission. period. So, in snow. I rely on ABS winter tires. Not the tranny
  5. Considering buying TLX, need feedback

    New Member Introductions
    The SH-AWD is heavy feeling, no doubt about that - that's what AWD drive & torque vectoring brings to the table. I do however much prefer SH-AWD handling over my previous FWD TL Type S. Perhaps not as quick, but no tire/torque chirp, and way better in snow. Didnt try the PAWS though. If it was...
  6. Windshield replacement w/ Tech

    Interesting point - I have replacement value as well, no one mentioned that. Spoke to a diff agent today, far more helpful than the Friday night shift, and working with dealer. Should know tomorrow which glass insurance proposes. But dealer and I are one side. Hope not to have to play the...
  7. Windshield replacement w/ Tech

    TY for the info - I found some of the other threads after posting :) My insurance company are naturally pushing me to third part - Speedy claims calibration, etc. But pretty sure I will start with the dealer, let them choose the sub-supplier, and see where that takes me. I prefer to deal with...
  8. Windshield replacement w/ Tech

    Hey folks - just picked up a high speed stone chip yesterday, now an 18 inch crack...anyone see the cost of replacing? I have a $500 deductable.
  9. Swapped The TLX for a '17 MDX

    Acura TLX General Discussion Forum
    Same here - I also have an RDX, which does the job most of the time (except camping, even with a Thule). I never received the email offer, but given the upgraded performance with the new/rebuilt transmission, I am not eager to switch. I bought the extended warranty, and will use it for the next...
  10. New transmission?

    TLX Issues/Problems
    Had mine done a couple of months ago, huge positive difference. No regrets at all. but I had to retrain myself to stop preparing my neck for a snap...seriously.
  11. 2016 ZF 9 vs 2015 ZF 9

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Agreed - my replacement had a 2015 P/N, but it sure isn't an original 2015 tranny...
  12. 2018 TLX Pictures

    Acura TLX General Discussion Forum
    Gotta say I dont like the front end grill (kinda Nissan/Lexus, but not that ugly) and the back end deck lid seems truncated. Gotta love the tail pipes. it's gas, so admit it. reality is we need to see it in person! in September LOL
  13. Front parking sensors

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Our 2016 RDX has the center sensor, and I love it. Our garage is full, the nearest hittable object is straight in front of me. Side sensors dont see it on the TLX, but the RDX is spot on. Yeah I've nudged things a couple of times...I guess thats how you learn depth estimation on the TLX!
  14. TLX in Snow

    Acura TLX General Discussion Forum
    Agree with all posts above. Blizzaks on mine, love 'em to death. The big thing is the ability to stop...or steer past an issue.
  15. Rear bumper with exhaust tips...

    Appearance and Body
    Nice look, though a little overpowering for me. I assume that the tips get connected to the exhaust, and its not purely cosmetic?