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  1. Battery Replacement - Like Clockwork!

    TLX Issues/Problems
    Heres a good article that talks about the AGM batteries. Based on this, a normal charger isn't recommended.
  2. 2015 transmission issues

    TLX Issues/Problems
    The ZF transmission has some weird characteristics. You’ll see in the forum that some have no issues while others hate it. The replacement transmission in the TLX was better and the transmission in my ‘17 MDX was also good. I’m sure if you drove another one at a dealer you’d see different...
  3. 2015 transmission issues

    TLX Issues/Problems
    The new transmission does take some time to go through a learning process. I think they told me 1000kms when I had mine done. It did get better in my case at least.
  4. Noise while going over dips/bumps in the road

    Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    I hear more of a clicking in your video. It’s been awhile but I don’t think mine sounded like that. Your video should give the techs something to work with though especially if it’s a consistent noice.
  5. Article About Windshield Replacement

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Here’s an interesting article I came across today while sitting at the airport. It should answer the questions about getting the camera recalibrated after a windshield replacement...
  6. Stepping Back

    Off Topic Discussion
    Hey! Thanks. I haven’t had the TLX in almost two years. Well a year and a half I guess. That’s part of the reason I’m stepping back. It was so easy helping out when I could go out to the driveway and take a look for myself. Going by memory isn’t always helpful. As the ‘19s come out I’m sure...
  7. Stepping Back

    Off Topic Discussion
    Good Afternoon, Just a quick note to say after almost 4 years and 4,800 or so posts, I’ll be stepping back from the forum as well as my moderator duties. This has been an extremely pleasant group to be part of especially when compared to some of the other forums I’ve been part of over the...
  8. 2018 TLX - Climate Control - Voice Commands

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Based on what I’ve seen in the owners manual, it seems to me that the mailout they sent you was out of date.
  9. 2018 TLX - Climate Control - Voice Commands

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Looking at the voice commands for the 18 in the NAV manual, climate control commands are not listed. It looks like it’s not available for the 2018s.
  10. '16 TLX SH AWD aka Clay-Lude 2.0

    Acura TLX Pictures
    That’s quite the story. You’re definitely not having any luck with it. Let us know what the garage figures out with the car.
  11. Android Auto - audio stops after a second or two

    TLX Issues/Problems
    There are no TSBs that I’ve seen for software updates to address Andoird Auto/CarPlay issues.
  12. New to Acura

    TLX Owners Registry And Check In Area
    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you may have got a good deal.
  13. New member

    TLX Owners Registry And Check In Area
    Welcome to the forum! Post some pictures if you can. Current TLX as well as some of the other cars you’ve mentioned.
  14. New

    TLX Owners Registry And Check In Area
    Welcome to the forum! No one in the group has gone the NOS route. You will be the pioneer I think. Keep us updated.
  15. iPhone 6 - Text/Email (2015)

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    I would suggest removing the phone rom the Bluetooth device list on the TLX as well as the Handsfreelink Bluetooth connection on your phone. I would re-pair ensuring you select yes to the various prompts you’re going to get on the phone when the TLX requests access to contacts, etc. Also, once...