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Acura TLX News and Updates For the latest news and updates on the Acura TLX

Acura TLX News

News for the 2015+ Acura TLX. Only Administrators may create new threads in this section.
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2nd-Generation Acura TLX Forum For everything about the upcoming second-generation Acura TLX!

2021 + Acura TLX Forum

Forum for general discussion of the second-generation Acura TLX
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Acura TLX Forum — For everything you need to know about the Acura TLX!

New Member Introductions

Are you new to the Acura TLX forums? Introduce yourself in this section.
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Acura TLX General Discussion Forum

In this section, please post any Acura TLX related questions that do not fit another category.
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Acura TLX Pictures

Got some great images of your Acura TLX? Feel free to post them in this section.
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Acura TLX Videos

Found any or have any great video clips of your Acura TLX? Post them here.
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Acura TLX Ownership TLX Prices, Comparisons & Reviews

TLX Owners Registry And Check In Area

Did you just receive your brand new Acura TLX? Make a post here and share the thought on your new ride. Congrats!
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What Did You Do To Your Acura TLX Today?

A section for TLX owners to share what they have done with their Acura TLX recently. Also to discuss any upcoming plans for modifications etc.
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Acura TLX Dealers & Pricing

In the market for a Acura TLX? This is the forum to discuss what price you will pay, and what dealer you will buy from.
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Acura TLX Test Drive Report

Did you just test drive the new Acura TLX? Share your thoughts good or bad. A good place for potential owners to gather feedback.
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Acura TLX Versus the Competition

Ask questions of users about what the TLX is like versus its competition. A great place for new car buyers to find out more about the TLX.
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Acura TLX Reviews

Forum to discuss media reviews and owner reviews of the Acura TLX. Once you have owned your TLX for a while, write a post in this section to describe your opinion of the TLX and Acura ownership experience.
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Acura TLX Brochures & Ownership Literature

Here you will find Acura TLX brochures, ownership handbooks and manuals.
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TLX Fuel Economy Discussion

Concerned about mileage or curious of the Acura TLX's MPGs? All related discussions can be found in here.
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2015+ Acura TLX Tech Section All technical topics for the Acura TLX

Engine and Technical Discussion

Discussion of the Acura TLX Engine and Powertrain.
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Wheels, Tires and Suspension

All discussions of the Acura TLX Suspension, tires and wheels
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Appearance and Body

This section contains general appearance questions related to your Acura TLX including body kits, and other exterior related items.
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Forum to discuss the interior of the Acura TLX.
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Electronics, Audio, and Lighting

Audio/media, lights, gadgets, and anything electrical.
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Acura TLX Service, Maintenance & Troubleshooting TLX Services, Maintenance Details and Issues.

TLX Maintainenance & Service

Maintainenance and service discussions in in this section
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TLX Warranty and Service Issues

Discuss any issues that you have had with your Acura TLX, whether they were covered under warranty, what your dealer did to fix them, and how things have gone post-service.
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TLX Issues/Problems

Having an issue with your Acura TLX? Discuss all issues and problems in this section
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TLX Recalls

Only manufacture issued Recalls and service bulletins belong in this section.
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Acura TLX Modifications & DIYs TLX Mods & DIYs

Accessories & Modifications

Acura TLX Accessories and modifications
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How To & DIY

All DIYs related to the Acura TLX
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Acura TLX Marketplace Classifieds (For Members Sales Only - No Vendors)

2015+ TLX Vehicle Sales

This section is for Buying or Selling the Acura TLX vehicle as a whole!
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TLX Parts

FS, FT, WTB: Acura TLX parts ONLY
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Want To Buy

For anything and everything you're looking to find
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FS, FT, WTB: For anything and everything NON-TLX related
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Community Help Section
Off Topic Section Off Topics

Other Vehicle Discussion

For any discussions of other makes and models not related to the Acura TLX.
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